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Notice Board

Gr 1 and Gr 8 on-line admissions: 25 June - 25 July.

School Fees are due every month


Find COVID HOME ACTIVITIES on D6 Communicator or in GOOGLE CLASSROOM - Passwords are on D6 Communicator.


Should you not be returning to school at all please notify Mrs Young via e-mail: kentonprimary@mweb.co.za.


Should you be keeping your child at home for now because of underlying health conditions / older family members / your own anxiety please inform Mrs Young via e-mail: kentonprimary@mweb.co.za to be able to provide your child with COVID HOME PACKS & WORK.


The above pupils will need to come in to do any tests or assignments.

Welcome to Kenton Primary School


We offer quality education to learners in Grades 1 – 7.


VISION: To fully prepare our pupils for life in an ever-changing world.


OUR MISSION: Kenton Primary is a place where every child is treated with respect and care, regardless of race or religion. They are encouraged to achieve their personal full potential in a loving, safe environment.


CORE VALUES: Honesty, Trust, Respect, Caring


MOTTO: Excelsior - meaning "Ever Upwards"


Cultural and sporting activities are an important part of developing children holistically. They help children to develop physically, socially and mentally, enabling them to better cope with the demands of life by building their self-confidence and self-esteem.

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School Hours


Grade 1 - Grade 3: 07:45 – 13:30

Grade 4 - Grade 7: 07:45 – 14:00



Grade 1 08:30

Grade 2 08:00

Grade 3 07:45

Grade 4 07:45

Grade 5 07:30

Grade 6 06:45

Grade 7 06:45

Siblings can come in with the eldest sibling. Older siblings may NOT come late with younger siblings.



Grade 1 13:00

Grade 2 13:15

Grade 3 13:30

Grade 4-7 14:00


NB: No child may be left at school after 14:30.

From tuckshop gate in Holzen St

Martha St

Stationery, Diary &

School Fees 2020


We are a government fee paying school. According to the South African Schools Act it is compulsory for parents to pay fees.


Fees for 2020: R14 685 per year


Book Packs 2020:


Gr 1 R240

Gr 2 R355

Gr 3 R325

Gr 4 R365

Gr 5 R340

Gr 6 R420

Gr 7 R365 + R100 (T-shirt)

Banking Details


Bank: First National Bank

Account Type: Cheque Account

Account Number: 5941 3577 502

Branch: Bracken City 252 242

Reference: Use family number on invoice



Physical Address:

Postal Address: Website:

Office hours:

011 867 5827


53 Holzgen St, Brackenhurst, Alberton, 1448

PO Box 167247 Brackendowns 1464


07:30 to 14:30 (Monday to Friday)

Administrative Staff



Finance (Bursar):


Adele Van Heerden

Nicci Boswell

Marlene Hempel

For Information regarding COVID-19, please visit the official website: www.sacoronavirus.co.za

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Notice Board
Our School
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Notice Board
Our School
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Our School
Notice Board
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